Offers for children and families

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Offers for children and families

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Knight trail: We give you a knighthood!

The Castles of the Lakeside, Thun, Oberhofen und Spiez, invite you and your children to dive into the world of the Middle Ages and to train as knights.

The training takes place in three steps: page, knave, knight. Various tasks should enable the children to re-enact the situations of a knight in training. Success is crowned with a stamp entry. It is also the authorisation to move onto the next level. Every level can be completed in any one of the three castles. Yet the children must move on to another castle after their education as a page.

 Offer possible in Oberhofen, Spiez, Thun
from mid-May to Mid-October (no notification necessary)
for kids aged 6 to 12

Fees CHF 10.- per pass plus entry fee for accompanying person 


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Kids Club Castles of the Lakeside

Experience an exciting afternoon in a castle six times a year. This is possible if you are member of the Kids Club of the Castles of the Lakeside.

You find castles great and would like to look by often. You like games, action and exciting experiences based on the castles by the lake of Thun. You are curious about adventurous time travel in to the past. Then this is really the right place for you! You will meet other castle fans aged 6 to 12.

There are many great membership advantages waiting for you:
Personal membership card, free entrance in all three Lake of Thun castles, 6 special club events, fun and games with other club members

Club Events 2015:
20 May 2015, Oberhofen Castle, Topic Orient
6 June 2015, Spiez Castle , Culture Night Special: Play
19 August 2015, Spiez Castle , Topic yet to be named
4 September 2015, Oberhofen Castle , Sleeping in castle (for KiTS Club members only, max.12 children)
9 September 2015, Thun Castle , I’d love to be a knight!
28 October 2015, Oberhofen Castle, Topic yet to be named
13 November 2015, Thun Castle ,  paper chase and stories about invisible residents of the Castle

Membership fee CHF 30.- entitles you to join in 6 events over the duration of 2 years.
You can also just participant in one event. That would amount to CHF 8.-, but your club advantages would not apply,

Further info on our Partner site of the Castles of the Lakeside

Write in now and become a KiTS club member:  T +41 (0)33 223 20 01,