Culture in the Castle


Schloss Thun


Culture in the Castle

There are regular cultural events open to the public, which take place in the Grand Hall.
The unique atmosphere and the excellent acoustics make classical concerts in this location become an unforgettable experience. Please remark that the Grand Hall is not heated and that therefore there are no events from mid-November to mid-March.


Upcoming Events

5 June 2015: Meisterhafte Streichquartette, Schlosskonzerte Thun

6 June 2015: Fantasie in Überschwang und Reife, Schlosskonzerte Thun

12 June 2015: Bach and beyond, Schlosskonzerte Thun

13 June 2015: Dallendyshe (Jazzabend), Schlosskonzerte Thun

14 June 2015: Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche, Schlosskonzerte Thun

18 June: Vom Schlummern, Spotten und Schwärmen, Schlosskonzerte Thun

21 June 2015: „Als ob …“ Musik in Theresienstadt, Schlosskonzerte Thun

22 August 2015: “Ach Bach!” Part 2, Family concert, Bachwochen Thun

24 October 2015: Culture Night in Thun,