Carpets of the Middle Ages

Schloss Thun

Permanent exhibition on the 1st floor

Carpets of the Middle Ages

Besides medieval weapons, there are three medieval carpets on the first floor, which are certainly the highlight of the exhibition. The carpets were rediscovered in a chest in the Town Hall of Thun in 1883. The precious altar antependia of the 13th and 15 centuries taken from churches in Thun depict main objects of the topics religion and church of the late Middles Ages and are at the same time excellent cultural and historic witnesses.

Carpet of the Crescent Madonnas (picture above)

Dating to around 1440/50, wool, linen and silk, 1.02 m by 3.40 m. The woven carpet was produced in Basel for Scherzligen Church on behalf of Anna von Velschen.

Locket Carpet (picture below on the left)

Dating to shortly after 1300, wool, 1 m by 3.35 m. The carpet was used in the town church of St. Mauritius as an altar antependium, hanging on the front and possibly the side surfaces of the altar pedestal. Saint Mauritius (also Maurice, Moritz, Morris) is depicted as a knight in the centre of the carpet surrounded by the four Evangelist symbols and eight outer animal lockets. The carpet was discovered in a 1883 in the Town Hall of Thun.

Weapons Carpet (picture below on the right)

Second half of the 15th century. The carpet is part of the booty, which the Swiss took after their victory over the army of Burgundy in Grandson in 1476.


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