Schloss Thun

The Foundation

Foundation Thun Castle  – The Castle

The Foundation Castle Museum was founded in 1994 by the Association Castle Museum Thun, the Canton of Berne and the Council of Thun with a foundation capital of CHF 325,000. In the following years, the capital was increased by 500,000 through private donations. The foundation gave itself a new name “Thun Castle – The Castle” in September 2013.


Foundation Council:

  • Hans Kelterborn, President, Thun
  • H. Kasimir Lohner, Vice-President, Thun
  • Roger Hunziker, Treasurer, Steffisburg
  • Daniel Bähler, President Association of Friends, Thun
  • Katharina Pfanner, Representative Canton of  Berne, Thun
  • Marianne Flubacher, Representative City Administration Thun, Bern
  • Matthias Krähenbühl, Representative regional communities, Unterlangenegg
  • Kurt Amstutz, Thun
  • Birgitt Borkopp, Bern
  • Simon Schweizer, Thun

The aim of the foundation is to keep Thun Castle open to interested members of the public. Furthermore, to organise and carry out events, to maintain, and to develop the museum located in the castle in a manner of general interest. This so that the variety and the web of relationships of the regional and urban history as for the history of the castle are depicted and introduced.

Article 2, deed of foundation, 1/12/1993, modified by the resolution of the Foundation Council in September 2013.